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Almoners Update c/o Bro.Mike Cank






Dear Brethren


It is with great sadness that we inform you that the long serving District Grand Secretary of Central District S.C., Bro. Jerry Mattarelli, suffered a cardiac arrest last night and passed to the Grand Lodge above. A number of us in the District of KwaZulu-Natal knew him. Once information is received regarding any details, it will be distributed. May he Rest in Peace.




Bro. Jim Ware

District Grand Secretary



Bro. Paddy Roberts (English Constitution) has been involved in a car accident in March 2019, and has had a successful hip replacement. He then had a stroke which left his right side weak and also loss of speech. He is now recovering and his having physio and speech therapy.

Update 27/04/2019

He wishes to thank everyone for concern and messages.He can now put a few words together. Please visit him at:

          Alliance Care Rehabilitation Center

          34 Columbine Place

          Mount Moriah


          Phone: 031 569 3808

From all Scottish Freemasons - Get Better soon Paddy you are in our thoughts daily.