Lodge Coronation No. 930 S.C.

                    Founded 1902

Lodge Meetings: Masonic Hall, 95B Kirkland St. Newcastle

     Meetings: 4th Thursday of the month at 19.30

              ( Except in Recess in December )

   Installation: 4th Saturday in October at 13.00pm

















                            R.W.M. Bro. Dave McFarlane

                             Cell: 084 814 0430


Secretary:                   Bro. Basset Ellerbeck

                                   Cell 079 564 8866




R.W.Master:                 Bro. Dave McFarlane  Cell: 084 814 0430

I.P.M.:                           Bro. Peter Coleman 

Depute R.W.M:             Bro. Warren Seegers

Substitute R.W.M.:       Bro. J. Mundo

W. Senior Warden:      Bro. Warren Seegers

W. Junior Warden:       Bro. Malcolm Roy

Secretary:                    Bro. Bro. Bassett Ellerbeck - 079 564 8866

Treasurer:                    Bro. Warren Seegers

Almoner:                     Bro. Harry Guild

Dir. of Ceremonies:     Bro. Harry Guild

Chaplain:                     Bro. T. Ncube

Senior Deacon:           Bro.  D. Rutherford

Junior Deacon:            Bro. S. Madi

Bible Bearer:               Bro. T. Ncube

Inner Guard:                Bro. Peter Evans

Tyler:                           Bro. S. Worth


Life Member               Bro. Bassett Ellerbeck - 079 564 8866